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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Working Capital Management

PPT On Working Capital Management

Presentation Transcript:
1. Working Capital management

2. Objective
To understand the Working Capital Management of Miraj Multicolour Pvt Ltd.

3. About MMPL
Chairman – Shri Madan Lal Paliwal
Vision :- To reach the skies contributing for the welfare of the society
Mission :- To attain leadership by understanding the needs of the customers and constant expansion and growth Incorporated – Year 2001 ( under the name Mahima Multicolour Pvt Ltd.)
Change Name – On 18th May 2010 as “Miraj Multicolour Pvt Ltd )
Business – Printing and Stationery

4. Manufacture
Office stationery
School stationery

5. Stationery Industry
With new technology and falling prices for computers, printers and software are reducing the cost of business mail communication; on the other hand, focus on education by governments of various developing countries has increased the demand of stationary and paper products substantially Estimated to grow at 10 -15 % p.a.

6. Inferences based on McKinsey 7’S framework
Company should take different measures for promotional schemes too and also on discounts offered. Training and development should be focused in the competitive edge  

7. Inferences on Porter’s Model
The product has its equal importance to all the customers. MMP Ltd should manage Customer Relationship with existing bulk customers to make them loyal There is a strong impact of suppliers, as important to CRM it is also equally important for company to build supplier relationship now to run in long run For any new entrant to fight with in long run now efforts must be taken to build brand loyalty, as other factors may be of irrelevance to be dealt with

8. Inventory Management
Two basic problems :-
1. Maintaining a sufficiently large size of inventory for efficient and smooth production and sales operations; 2. Maintaining a minimum investment in inventories to minimize the direct-indirect costs associated with holding inventories to maximize the profitability.  

9. For More Please Refer Our PPT. Thank You.

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