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Friday, July 11, 2014

PPT On Nursing Theories


 Nursing Theories Presentation Transcript

   In looking at the single theory approach to nursing, one can only conclude that this is not feasible. It is not lately that one they will be singled out for development voluntarily. It is highly improbable that only one it will develop significant nursing.

   A theory is a set of concept, definition, relationship and assumption that project a systematic view of phenomena.
                                                                  (Beck, M., 1999)

   A nursing theory is a conceptualization of some aspect of nursing communicated for the purpose of describing, explaining, predicting or prescribing nursing care.         
( Karnalc V., 2000)

  1. Feasibility.
  2. Fit
  3. Desirability
1. Feasibility-
  • Feasibility is the first criteria in the single versus multiple theory.
  • Namely it is feasible to support a single theory portion in a discipline already reflecting with multiple theories.
  • Through a contemporary, conscious choice by the profession of one emergent theory over all others.
  • By some synthesis which incorporation and merges all or most extent theories.
  • Through the future emergent of one theory so far superior to others that is acceptance becomes normative.
Choice of one theory over others
  • The American nurses association one of the professional organization of nursing would have the most powers in asserting a chosen theory, but it would have little power to prevent publication of alternative theories or to control theory solution by others nursing group.
  • At the time in nursing development might agree one theory as superiors to all others fill in the face to facts. Many theory e.g. kings, Levine’s, Rogers, Roy’s and Orem’s.
 A synthetic theory in corp-orating other theory
  • To create a third theory which has adoption, as an element is not a synthesis or merges of two previously men tuned meaning for the term.
  • It is creation of yet a third concept of adaptation the same is true for all terms. “Borrowed” from others theories and other contexts.
  • Theories of really do contain propositions, which are contradictory and cannot be subsumed intelligently under another, broader theory.
Emergence of superior theory
  • Pragmatically if a theory is superior it may lead to significant research. In which the application of research leads to marked by better patient result than to lines of research and application which stem from other theories.
  • In looking at a single theory approach to nursing one can only conclude that is not feasible. It is not lately that one they will be singled out for development voluntarily.
2.Fit of model to subject matter.
It means the single theory model’s fit the subject matter of nursing. Some disciplines have a single theory that dominates at some given period. But even in these disciplines, theories change overtime.

  •  If nursing possible to make single theory discipline would it be desirable a single theory position.
  • It would bring about a premature closure on options for the discipline, judgments to develop any one theory and not to develop other would be based on very little evidence since no single theory has got to be used to develop a significant body of knowledge.
  1. Nursing service
  2. Nursing education
  3. Nursing research
1.Nursing service
  • One major problem of multiple approaches is that as the theories evolve they will tend to call forth different action on the part of the nurse.
  • The nurse should do action in a uniform way, as the theories further develops uniformity of action will erase.
  • Nursing service institution having difficulty in choosing theories, whether they have no select their own nursing theories, depending on the fit of the theory to the function of that department.
2.Nursing education problem
    Nursing education will have their own problem in a multiple theory system. First theory presents itself in three ways.
  • As a subject matter
  • As a accepted discipline model
  • As interacting with educational theory in a curriculum model
  •  If one theory or model considering as an underlying the curriculum while still introducing the student to alternative theories of nursing with in that curriculum since theory potentially affects curriculum in separate ways as content, as discipline model, as component of a curriculum model, the faculty role is a complex one. To work effectively with a single theory require sophistication, to success fully communicate multiple theory requires even greater expertise.
3.Research problems
  • Both education practitioners will have to develop a clears understanding of the relationship of theory to research.
  • It multiple theory approach is to be used in nursing. Factor to recognize that the research questions asked, the data sought and the conclusions drawn were inherent to a factual theory prevent the development of effective nursing theory indeed this failure is accomplished in the search of many nurse for a unique separate body of knowledge, each theory should built its own body of knowledge.
  • Allowing full scope to the in hornet potential of the discipline.
  • To more theories that are developed the more opportunities for identifying significant and pragmatically effective approach in nursing.
  • It is the imposition of an intellectual complex structure upon a profession/discipline previously with an anti – intellectual philosophy.


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