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Saturday, November 16, 2013

PPT On Livestock Project


Livestock Project Presentation Transcript:
1.“Livestock project”
This study conduct to assess the feasibility of establishing mixed farm including different animals
 (production and Fattening).
so Livestock are a big part of the business and I hope this study is relevant to the project.

2.Purpose for the project
Provide job opportunities for new graduates.
increase the production capacity in the country.
Return on the project .

3.Livestock cost categories
land (as a part of DAMAN project).
Machinery and.

4.Safety procedures
Healthy food.
Ventilation and lighting.

5.In this livestock project there are three projects
poultry project
cow project
Livestock products  factory

6.Raising chickens for meat production

7.Raising chickens for egg production.

8.the Calves

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