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Saturday, August 3, 2013



1.PALESTINIAN REMOTE SUSTAINABLE VILLAGES A Plan for Rehabilitation of Deir-Nitham Village


3.Project Objectives
   This study aims to study the overall living conditions of the people in remote villages, and finally put an innovative suggestions for better living.
Infrastructural area
Agriculture area
Health area
Education area

4.Deir Nitham Village Background
Palestinian village in Ramallah Governorate located 13.7km northwest of Ramallah City.
Total population in 2007 was 826.

5.Village Needs
Opening and Pavement of Roads.
Building of New Clinics or Health Care Centers.
Rehabilitation of old School.
Establishment of Kindergarten.

6.The Video

7.Infrastructural Area

8.Roads and Transportation
The Current Situation

9.Roads and Transportation
The Current Situation

10.The main problem - Roads
Limitation of people mobility and transportation.
Farmers accessibility to their land.
Barriers in access to schools and hospitals.
Limitation of development of the village (economic and social issues).

11.Economic impact   
Better accessibility to markets inside and outside the village.
Increase employment opportunities.
Encourage additional investments .
Save time and cost
Better and fair competition between suppliers which leads to best prices and more variety of goods.

12.Social impact   
Open minded and cultural exchange between the nearby villages.
Encourage visitors from outside villages and cities.
Enhance the relationships between the village and external environment ( technology , awareness and growth).
More safety through accessibility to the hospitals and police stations.

13.Proposed Solution - Roads
Expansion of the main road for the village.
Safety walls on both sides of the road
Pavement of the existing roads in the village.
Awareness of the residents on how they should behave in the street(Especially the students ).

A) Financial issues , so our solution for that is to start
working on fund raising from:
local and int’ NGO’s .
Palestinian Authority.
Local contribution from the livelihood.

B) Political issues: Difficulties of getting a permission to do that from the Israeli authority as the village exist in area C, so our proposed solution to facilitate this issue through out:
local and int’ NGO’s  through advocacy
Palestinian Authority through negotiation.

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