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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

PPT On Types Of Unemployment

Presentation On Types Of Unemployment


Types Of Unemployment Presentation Transcript:

Unemployment is the condition of willing workers lacking jobs or "gainful employment
A key measure is the unemployment rate, which is the number of unemployed workers divided by the total civilian labour force.
 The level of unemployment differs with economic conditions and other market forces.
there are many different types of unemployment, which overlap and so confound measurement and analysis

Frictional Unemployment-This unemployment occurs when an individual is out of his current job and looking for another job.

Structural Unemployment-: Structural unemployment occurs due to the structural changes within an economy.

Classical Unemployment-. This type of unemployment occurs when trade unions and labour organization bargain

Cyclical Unemployment-Cyclical unemployment occurs when there is an economic recession.

Seasonal Unemployment-that occurs due to the seasonal nature of the job

4.Consequences of Unemployment
Direct effects
Indirect effects

5.Direct and indirect effects
Loss of personal income
Fall in National Output

Indirect effects-
Loss of tax revenue
Negative Multiplier Effect

6.Policies to reduce Unemployment

7.To reduce Real Wage Unemployment
Minimum wages
Wage 'stickiness'
Strong trade unions

To reduce Frictional Unemployment-
Increase knowledge of labour vacancies
Increase incentives to search jobs

8.To reduce Cyclical Unemployment
Reduction of interest rates
Increased government spending

 To reduce Geographical Unemployment-
Reducing geographical immobility
Regional Incentives

9.To reduce Structural Unemployment-
Reducing geographical immobility

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