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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation On PUMP MANUFACTURING


PUMP MANUFACTURING Presentation Transcript:


3.R K foundry works (p) limited : Its Established in year 1970 at Jaipur , Rajasthan India. R.K. Foundry Works private Limited , are one of the noted organization engaged in manufacturing , exporting and supply wide range of Industrial Hydraulic Crimping tool. Pump Iron handicrafts and electrical accessories.

4.SHRI ASHUTOSH BHARGAVA SHRI B N BHARGAVA : He used to say “NEVER SAY WE HAVE MADE THE BEST PRODUCT, WE CAN ALWAYS IMPROVE OUR PRODUCT AND MAKE THEM BETTER “) SHRI R N BHARGAVA : He specialized in (a) Energy efficient operation of cupola furnace (b) Improvement of surface finish of casting

5.INTRODUCTION of PUMP : A Hydraulic machine which convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy is called pump “ Important notes ………. * A pump does not create pressure it only provides flow * Pump can pump only liquid not vapour * Pump create flow by reducing atmospheric atmospheric pressure on water

6.Centrifugal Pump : “ If the mechanical energy converted into hydraulic energy by means of Centrifugal force acting on liquid .. The pump is know as Centrifugal Pump “ Main parts of centrifugal pump :. Impeller Casing Suction pipe Delivery pipe

7.Impeller : The rotating part of pump is called impeller. It consist of series of backward curved vane .it is mounted on motor shaft. Casing : The casing of a centrifugal pump is an air tight passage around the impeller and its function is to convert K.E. of fluid into pressure energy Suction pipe : It is the pipe connecting sump to impeller eye. DELIVERY PIPE : It is the pipe connecting the impeller eye to delivery destination.

8.CASTING : Its means pouring molten metal into a mold with a cavity of the shape to be made and allowing it to solidify when solidify the desired metal object is to taken out from the mould either by breaking the mold or taking the mold apart the solidified object is called the casting.

9.FOUNDRY : “Foundry or casting is the process of producing metal/alloy component parts of desired shapes by pouring the metal/ alloy into a prepared mould and then allowing the metal/alloy to cool and solidify. The solidified piece of metal/alloy is know as CASTING “

10. For more information, Please refer our PPT.
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