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Friday, July 12, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation On Green Service Station

PPT On Green Service Station

Green Service Station Presentation Transcript:
1. Opens first Green Service Station
station Combines several technological innovations to preserve the environment  inside the station
as well as techniques to maintain
 health and safety.

2. renewable sources
The site uses
 Solar Powered Pole
LED lights, with a long life
low voltage safe against electrical fire

3. without using a single drop
use a waterless car wash system. 
cleans car without using a single drop of water.

4. new ‘No-Wet’ technique, an all-in-one eco-friendly car wash liquid. Made from all natural ingredients, the product does not contain petroleum distillates, silicone, abrasives, harmful chemicals or detergents that pollute water.

5. greener lifestyle
 We all encourage customers to take small but significant steps to adopt a greener lifestyle, by promoting recycling and using the waterless

6. latest waste management systems
the latest waste management systems, including a garbage segregation system that provides colour coded bins for easier recycling

7. oil
engine oils PROTEC Green for gasoline engines and VULCAN Green for diesel engines will be available.

8. reduces noise, through an integrated sound barrier on the compound wall. The station will also feature a centralised vacuum system to support power conservation and reduce waste and noise.

9. The green Very Low Sulfur Diesel (VLSD). This innovative diesel contains 10 times less sulfur than the standard one, which means a cleaner engine for cars and a cleaner environment.

10. For more info. please refer our PPT.
Thank You.

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