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Sunday, September 23, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Turbine Condensate System

PPT On Turbine Condensate System

Turbine Condensate System Presentation Transcript:
1. Presentation outline
Condensate System
Low Pressure Heaters
D/A Parts

2. What is condensate
The steam after condensing in the condenser known as condensate, is extracted out of the condenser hot well by condensate pump and taken to the deaerator through ejectors, gland steam cooler and series of LP heaters.

3. Condensate system
Condensate Extraction Pump : To pump out the condensate to D/A through ejectors, GSC and LPH
Gland Steam Condenser : To increase the temperature of condensate.
Condensate polishing unit : To remove cat-ion and an-ion from the condensate.

4. Condensate Systems
 D/A level controller : To control the level of D/A.
Drain Cooler : To increase the temperature of condensate
LPH : To increase the temperature of condensate
Deaerator : To remove the dissolved gases from the feed water

5. Condensate Pumps
The function of these pumps is to pumps out the condensate to the deaerator thru' ejectors, gland steam cooler, and L.P. heaters. These pumps have four stages and since the suction is at a negative pressure, special arrangements have been made for providing sealing.

6. Stages: The pressure build up in 4 stages as suction is at negative pressure.
Recirculation: It is done when the de aerator level controller trips in order to prevent cavitations.

Vertical, Multi Stage, Multi-Shaft.
Can type construction with suction nozzle integral with Canister.
Double Suction first stage Impeller for minimum NPSHR.
Balancing holes and tilting pad Thrust Bearing for Axial Thrust.
Cutless rubber line bearings with axial flutes.
Shaft sealing by PTFE rope packing / Mechanical Seals.
Compatible materials for stationary and rotating parts.

8. HEAD PIECE : It incorporates the discharge and suction branches and supports Thrust Bearing Housing & Driving Motor.
It is sealed where the Shaft passes through Stuffing Box which incorporates soft packing and a Lantern Ring. Apertures are provided on Headpiece for accessing Coupling, Thrust Bearing and Stuffing Box. An air vent pipe is incorporated in the Headpiece for connection to the condenser tank.

9. L.P. Heaters
 Turbine has been provided with non-controlled extractions which are utilised for heating the condensate, from turbine bleed steam. There are 3 or 4 low pressure heaters in which LP turbine last extractions are used.

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thank You.

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