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Friday, September 21, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Turbine Vacuum System

PPT On Turbine Vacuum System

Turbine Vacuum System Presentation Transcript:
1. Presentation outline
Why Vacuum system is required ?
Parts of Vacuum system?
Steam Ejectors
Vacuum Pumps

2. Why is it required?
The steam turbine is a device to convert the heat in steam to mechanical power.
Enthalpy drop across the turbine decides the work output of the turbine. For increasing this enthalpy drop across the turbine we need effective condenser vacuum system.
By condensing the exhaust steam of turbine, the exhaust pressure is brought down below atmospheric pressure, increasing the steam pressure drop between inlet and exhaust of steam turbine. This further reduction in exhaust pressure gives out more heat per unit weight of steam input to the steam turbine, for conversion to mechanical power.

3. Parts of Vacuum System
CW system
Ejectors/Vacuum pumps
Gland Sealing System

The functions of condenser are:
To provide lowest economic heat rejection temperature for the steam. Thus saving on steam required per unit of electricity.
To convert exhaust steam to water for reuse for thus saving on feed water requirement.
De-aeration of make-up-pump water introduced in the condenser.
To form a convenient point for introducing make up water.

5. Steam Condenser
Steam condenser is a closed space into which steam exits the turbine and is forced to give up its latent heat of vaporization.
It is a necessary component of a steam power plant because of two reasons.
It converts dead steam into live feed water.
It lowers the cost of supply of cleaning and treating of working fluid.
It is far easier to pump a liquid than a steam.
It increases the efficiency of the cycle by allowing the plant to operate on largest possible temperature difference between source and sink.
The steam’s latent heat of condensation is passed to the water flowing through the tubes of condenser.
After steam condenses, the saturated water continues to transfer heat to cooling water as it falls to the bottom of the condenser called, hotwell.
This is called subcooling and certain amount is desirable.
The difference between saturation temperature corresponding to condenser vaccum and temperature of condensate in hotwell is called condensate depression.

6. Thermal Processes Occurring in Condensers
The condenser never receives pure seam from the turbine.
A mixture of steam and non-condensable gases (Air-steam mixture) enters the condenser.
The ratio of the quantity of gas that enters the condenser to the quantity of steam is called the relative air content.

7. Condenser
Steam from last stage of LPT Exhausts on condenser tube
condensation of steam takes place
Water collected in hot well

8. Surface Condenser ( shell and tube)
A surface condenser is basically a shell and tube heat exchanger with phase change. The main parts of a condenser are as follows.

9. For more please refer our PPT. Thank You.

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