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Saturday, September 22, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Fuel System

PPT On Fuel System

Fuel System Presentation Transcript:
1. Presentation Plan
Fuel oil System
Oil burners
Coal mills and feeder
Types of feeders
Classification of Mills
Features of different Mills
Burner arrangement

2. Fuel oil System
Purpose: (a) to establish initial boiler light up. (b) to support the furnace flame during low load operation. Fuel oil system Consists of Fuel oil Pumps Oil heaters Filters Steam tracing lines
Objective is to get filtered oil at correct pressure and temperature

3. Atomization
Atomization breaks the fuel into fine particles that readily mixes with the air for combustion. Oil should be divided up into small particles for effective atomization. The advantages of atomization are:
a) Atomizing burners can be used with heavier grades of oil.
b) Can be adopted to large applications because of large capacity range.
c) Complete combustion is assured by the ability of the small particles to penetrate turbulent combustion.

4. Classification: Oil burners
Oil burners are classified according to the method used for atomization, as follows:
a) Air-atomized burners
b) Steam-atomized burners
c) Mechanically atomized burners
Air atomizing system are not recommended for heavy oil system as they tend to chill the oil and decrease atomization quality

5. Steam Atomization
This System uses auxiliary steam to assist in the atomization of the oil. The steam used in this method should be slightly superheated and free cf moisture. As in the air atomizing system, the steam used for atomizing as well as heating the fuel as it pass through the tip and into the furnace. The main advantages of steam atomizing burners over other are:
a) Simplicity of its design
b) Initial cost of installation is low
c) low pumping pressure
d) low preheating temperature.
Disadvantage is steam used in atomizing process

6. Oil Burners
The types of oil used in the oil burners are:
a) Light Diesel Oil
b) Heavyfuel oil
c) Low sulpher heavy stock (LSHS).
Heavy oil guns are used for stabilizing flame at low load carrying. Warm up oil guns are used for cold boiler warm up during cold start up and ignitor are used for start up and oil flame stabilizing.

7. Oil Guns
The guns used in this system have two main components for atomization. They are:
a) Mixing plate
b) Spray Plate.

8. Features of Bowl Mills
Grinding chamber
Classifier mounted above it
Pulverization takes place in rotating bowl
Rolls rotating free on journal do the crushing
Heavy springs provide the pressure between the coal and the rolls
Rolls do not touch the grinding rings
Tramp iron and foreign material discharged.

9. For more please refer our PPT. Thank You.

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