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Thursday, August 9, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Merchandising

PPT On Merchandising

Presentation Transcript:

2. Contents
Merchandise management
Mark up and mark down

3. Category
A category is an assortment of items that the customer sees as reasonable substitutes for each other: girls’ apparel, laundry detergents, soup, DVD players. In merchandise management, we do everything at the category level. The category can mean different things to different retailers.

4. Category Management
Category management is the process of managing a retail business with the objective of maximizing the sales and profits of a category. Objective is to maximize the sales and profits of the entire category, not just a particular brand. One person managing the entire category and responsible for its success or failure.

5. Category Captain
Selected vendor responsible for managing assortment of merchandise in a category Vendors frequently have more information and analytical skills about the category in which they compete than retailers Works with category Mgr ---Promotion, pricing, brand & product placement on shelves. Problems Vendor category captain may have different goals than retailer
6. Advantages of Rapid Turnover
Increased sales volume Less risk of obsolescence and markdowns Improved salesperson morale Money for market opportunities Decreased operating expenses Increased asset turnover

7. Disadvantages of Rapid Rate of Turnover
Lowered sales volume Increased cost of goods sold Increased buying and ordering time

8. Thank You.

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