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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Light Microscopy

PPT On Light Microscopy


Presentation Transcript:
1. Light Microscopy

2. Advantage
Simplicity of setup Allows viewing of live cells Dark or highly colored

3. Specific Use
Suited for utilization Viewing stained or naturally pigmented specimen Useless for some living specimens

 4. Parts of Bright Field Microscope Base – supports the structure Objective lenses- magnify the image. Ocular - magnify the image from the objective lens.

5. Adjustment Knob – course and fine adjustment Arm – support structure Iris Diaphragm Lever- controls the amount of light entering the condenser and to specimen Nosepiece – which are found the objectives. Each objectives can be rotated into place by simply rotating the nosepiece

6. For More Please Refer Our PPT. Thanks.

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teaching microscopes said...

Great presentation... I now understand more on about microscopes and will be a big help to my teaching..thanks a lot for providing this wonderful ideas and information..

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