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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Human Genome Project

PPT On Human Genome Project

Presentation Transcript:
1. In 2003 scientists in the Human Genome Project obtained the DNA sequence of the 3 billion base pairs making up the human genome

2. What we’ve learned so far from the Human Genome Project
The human genome is nearly the same (99.9%) in all people Only about 2% of the human genome contains genes, which are the instructions for making proteins

3. Other Lessons from the Human Genome Project
Humans have an estimated 30,000 genes; the functions of more than half of them are unknown Almost half of all human proteins share similarities with other organisms, underscoring the unity of live

4. Much is still unknown!

5. Explore how DNA impacts HEALTH Identify and understand the differences in DNA sequence (A, T, C, G) among human populations

6. Understand what all the GENES do Discover the functions of human genes by experimentation and by finding genes with similar functions in the mouse, yeast, fruit fly, and other sequenced organisms

7. Learn what the rest of the human genome does Identify important elements in the nongene regions of DNA that are present in many different organisms, including humans

8. Understand how the genome enables life Explore life at the ultimate level of the whole organism instead of single genes or proteins.The DOE Genomes to Life program provides a foundation for this understanding by using the information found in the genomes of microbes, life’s simplest organisms, to study how proteins—the products of genes—carry out all activities of living cells.

9. Medicine Develop more accurate and rapid diagnostics Design customized treatments

10. For More Please Refer Our PPT. Thanks

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