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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation On The Top Ten WWE Wrestlers Of 2011

The Top Ten WWE Wrestlers Of 2011 PPT



10 Dolph Ziggler is on no. 10 on this year. He captured world heavyweight championship so he is on no. 10.

9 Sheamus is hitting two time WWE Championship and has good impression this year so far so he is on no. 9.

8 CM Punk is showing great leadership in these days so he is on no. 8.

7 John Morrison is really great athlete of WWE. He capturing good place in wrestlemania very soon so he is on no. 7.

6 John Cena: No need to tell about this man. He is really a great Champion but this year he is down and he is on no. 6.

5 Wade Barrett is the winner of  NXT Season 1 and founder of Nexus, he is on no. 5.

4 Randy Orton is most dangerous competitor of WWE he is on no. 4.

3 The Miz: Everybody know Miz is awesome player because he defended his championship very well so he is on no.3.

2 Alberto Del Rio is the man who reach top in no time. He just started his career in mid 2010 so he is on
no. 2.

1 Edge is the master manipulator, the great Champion he is rated the superstar of 2011 .


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